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  • Apr 14
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  • Sacramento, California
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This is incorrect. A. Hank Ritter is one of the most honorable men i know in this industry. B. Josh WAS a student at Hank's acadamy and i was his first acting coach in 1997 after.which he competed at IMTA in NYC, won Model of the Year and remained in NYC to begin his career. C. To this day, when Hank meets an actor that he believes in, HE will contact me about them, ask me to coach them up and... Read more

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  • Apr 06
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  • Washington, Missouri
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This company is an absolute SCAM! They do claim that Josh Duhmel owes his career success to them, which is a lie! I messaged him, myself, here is a photo: Read more

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I signed up for Ipop a few years ago.. I only had 1 audition and the guy that auditioned me said they weren't looking for Asian actresses... So after the training I did for a few months I just gave up... I felt so bad for my mom because she had to pay up front and I don't remember what the cost was... Can I sue?? Or somehow get my money back? Add comment

Showcase is a scam everyone gets choosen they will take everything you have if you not smart enough now they're travelling all over the world ripping ppl off they also close the JRP NY OFFICE SAY NO TO ANY JRP FULL SCAM THEY DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE TALENT OR NOT THEY IN IT FOR MONEY Add comment

Proverty stricken kids cant be with this company its so sad how they eat pockets and lie to get buisness also there stuckup most of the people they dont tell you until they tell you he prices if they did only the wealthy would try out 5000+5000+100+300 is bullcrap then they throw in your face about a bunch of *** about brenda songs and modern family cast suck *** its money scandal. Add comment

  • Mar 07
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  • Springfield, Illinois
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There ***.they suck you in but then when you get there the rude and snotty which makes it bad on them because they discourage you like they dont want you to be apart of it . Also if u wear makeup and dressup nicely they hate they want it natural but none of the models i seen in magazines are natural there photoshoped . They should collaborate on requirements and be specific all they say is make... Read more

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Read Rebecca's write up on John Robert Powers Rip Off Review from 2005. Couldn't agree more... Add comment

  • Jan 07
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I have worked a lot with john robert powers and was very happy with the results. I have done numerous tvc`s (television commercials) and parts in film and television. and earn`t a great deal with the help of john robert powers. I have also been lucky enough to get some decent jobs in Miami and Sydney . Not everyone can make it. Its what you put in and determination. It is atough industry after... Read more

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  • Sep 08, 2014
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  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • False Advertisement
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It was all over the radio "Want to be on a Disney show? Get discovered by agencies, call for auditions". Well my then 6 yr old daughter was so excited so we called the number and took her to the "audition". After a 30 minute presentation about what they were not looking for, we got to a table for the audition and were told that they would call if we got selected for "call backs". Well I don't... Read more

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I took my 12 yr old son to a radio call out for IPOP. He was the only kid out of 15 they were sending straight to LA for nationals plus they gave him a 3900 scholarship for training. On last training session the director Denise told me in email I have to pay for regionals and have the 6800 for LA payed by June 14 or they were dropping my son.He doesn't go to LA till Jan 2 so why do I have to pay... Add comment

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