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John Robert Powers - jrp

  • by   Nov 03, 2012
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Company John Robert Powers
Product / Service Jrp Talent School
Location Cicero, Illinois
Category Schools
Views 176
Monetary Loss

nothing happened they just a good company that people trying to say is not dont be mad because you didnt make it boo GET YALL LIFE @TAMAR.COM yall is a very good company yall see how people try to put yall down but they cant so keep discovering kids people these days be jealous why i dont know it is so ridiculous serious so it just unbeliveable so yall stop please just go out there to get your future really yall just petty go lay down some where you herd me yall sound like dummies tryin g to cuss like that helping yo problem 30b3cc8

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Nov 28, 2012 
Of course you have to pay for your own photo's, flights, rent, etc. Call any Agency and ask "Can I make 85-90 percent of all the jobs that you find for me and then can you pay for everything out of the little bit that you make". Get. A. Grip.
Reply to that is untrue flawd

Nov 04, 2012 
If you really have the talent, you do NOT have to pay a modeling agency. They will tell anyone they can be a model...take you money and you never get one job! Trust me..if you have what it takes..they'll find you! You never have to pay.
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