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my daughter went the frist day we waited and then went in to a room with theater seats then after a lady talked they hand out a sheet with prices and then they take us row by row for the kids to audition it took 5min told if we call well it got 9:30 i called them said thanks for the chance for my daughter to try next thing i know they call saying she is in but got top pay 1950.00for frist sesion then it would be 2950.oo for second sesion i told them i did not have the funds never heard back at all to say sorry or thanks for trying how rude and to break a 14 year old glirs heart dream shatters

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I went to same thing and they were very nice. My child didn't make the callback list and I explained all to her.

I think you are mad cause you cant make it happen. I was prepared to get a second job and have family help. I think your passed up a great chance.

I wish my daughter would have made it. Glass half full Lady!


How they broke your childs heart? Does your childs heart break every time you can't afford something?

I can't afford the Porsche of my dreams, my heart is not broken. Maybe you should be a parent and teach your child that not everything in life is free and you also don't get everything just because you want it. Do you think in LA that your daughter is going to get every audition she ever went on? Do you think she will get every job she ever applies for?


A. Grip.

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