So here is the true deal.

JRP sales are driven by commissions. ALL salesmen on commission will say many things that are designed to convince you to sign the contract and make the initial payment. They will promise ...or sort of promise... lots of things that may or may not come true. You really need to discard anything that they say unless it is spelled out IN TE CONTRACT. If it is not in the contract then they dont have to make it happen. Of course, when you ask them to put something that they said into the contract they will manipulate you with statements designed to minimize your confidence and tell you that you should trust them. This is because the salesmen have NO authority to alter the contract. It is a fixed document.

Think car salesman...think health club salesman. Do you trust those people to do what is best for you? Of course not!

In reality the best training you will get is in your school. Regional theaters are also a great resource. The people at JRP are NOT working for you...they DONT really care if you ever get a job acting. They are in the business of getting people to sign contracts wherein you promise to pay them money.

JRP is a franchise business and ALL of the franchises are under great pressure to keep making their franchise payments because they will lose their right to use the name JRP if they default. The failure rate is very great in JRP franchises. The company likes when JRP franchises fail because they can resell the territory to a new entity and thus get the initial franchise payments over and over again.

So good luck witht he acting bug. Just nw that it is a really really tough and thankless business and ANYONE who promises you success is a liar who wants to get a hand in your pockets.

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Well, i agree with Justin ;)

The most honest article i've read.


This is the best-written most honest review I've read yet.

Kirrawee, New South Wales, Australia #28929

I love that. "It's all about the kids". How about "Its all about the money in the kid's parents wallets".

When you write "we have" kids in national spots....do you mean your shop? Specifically you know of one?...or you got it off of the JRP newsletter.

Have you told any kid that they are a good candidate for iPop lately?

Ever been to iPop? Know how much your boss will get kicked back if just one kid's parents decide to ***?

School is not a bad thing...it's just irritating to see what salesmen will say when faced by people with hope and money.

If you want to help the kids...find one with hope...and no money.


yes we get paid for what we do but we don't take people's money and give them nothing especially to hurt a little kid with false promises. how can you defend a franchise that you know nothing about. talk about bitter!

Roscoe, South Dakota, United States #27666

WOW you are BITTER!!!

Do you work for free.... Do you get a paycheck or don't you work.

ALL JRP'S ARE NOT THE SAME..... We do care if our kids in MPLS get jobs and GUESS WHAT THEY HAVE AND THEY DO. We have kids in National Commercials, Feature Films, Local Commercials. Local Print Work.

It all Depends on your owner and director. We have a great staff and go above and beyond for our kids

Yes we have to make money in order to stay open but what business does not.

Do you get free food from Subway do you get free classes at the Universities

you have to pay for almost everything and if you want to do theater and not get paid to do so THAT IS YOUR DEAL......then go to theater class Theater and TV training is very DIFFERENT

I wish people would do educated research

you can say what ever you want on the internet TRUE OR NOT


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