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John Robert Powers in the Sacramento and Roseville, Ca locations are fraudulently ripping off local consumers on a daily basis. My very close friend's daughter was taken for over 5000 dollars which in turn John Robert Powers provided her nothing in return for the amount of money they STOLE from her and her family.

The manager by the name of Hank Ritter assured them that this was a legitimate acting and modeling school but after further investigation and a thorough background check we have discovered that the man by the name of Hank Ritter who claims to be an expert in his field of modeling and acting was formerly employed as a grocery checker for the past 20 years.

My friend was also informed by Mr. Ritter that he was personally responsible for the success of Josh Duhamel and he was a student at the Sacramento location of John Robert Powers. Turns out this was a complete fabrication as Josh Duhamel was NEVER a student at JRP and following is from his official Bio as to how he was truly discovered:

When Josh was 26 years old, he worked in the construction business and it was by sheer luck that he got into the celebrity business. Josh was with his ex-girlfriend and a scout from a modeling agency in San Francisco asked him if he would be interested in modeling. Josh couldn't believe what had happened but, after realizing it was real, he decided to think about the offer. A few days later, Josh was accepted and he did a lot of commercial work, even beating out fellow model Ashton Kutcher for a place as a top model.

As you can see Josh Duhamel was discovered in San Francisco and not walking through Hank Ritter's grocery line. John Robert Powers is a complete scam which is being investigated by the Attorney General and they are a company who has zero integrity and rips people off daily. How they are able to look at themselves in the rear view mirrors of the Mercedes they are driving purchased with your hard earned money I will never know.

They are a disgrace which will eventually be shut down as you can see by all the reports but the countless children and their families who have lost thousands will continue to be their victims until this comes to pass. Do NOT fall for this cheating and lying company. You will be sorry.

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I am from South America, and this agency is making auditions for my country, and I apply but after reading this, I am not going!!!

Thanks you for the information!! Because I really believed that it was a real and awesome agency



You should check your facts.... about Josh...

Elk Grove, California, United States #678356

It is real its not a rip off my sister was in it when she was young and they got her an audition for a Pepsi commercial that my sister sadly didn't want to do so we declined but still they helped her get there oh and my older brother got an audition to model for JC penny so its real


It takes money to make money in this industry.It costs money to travel to the auditions, pay for profile photos, acting classes are expensive everywhere, and casting websites cost money to submit and upload you pictures, etc.

But even when you have a talent agent submitting you to auditions, you still need to take care of these expenses.

You have to be committed, dedicated, and be able to part for all these expenses.You as a parent or a student shouldn't blame no one else but yourself if you cannot are not committed and don't work hard to acquire the skills.


JRP might be expensive and the classes might not be the greatest, but one thing it did do was help my child get a chance to audition and expose herself to real big talent agencies from LA.They usually already have so many talents that if you try emailing them yourselves, you get less of a chance cause you go right into the spam mail.

My daughter is now represented by two agencies; one for northern cali and one for southern cali. She has done 10 commercials so far. It all started with the JRP program. They don't have the best acting classes, but I don't feel they art a ripoff.

It does cost $300 to go to a 1 day seminar in LA to be able to meet casting directors. JRP is giving you a chance to audition to talent agencies.

Plus any acting classes are expensive.Trust me, their prices are reasonable if you know the industry.


I guess this is an old string, but I can tell you that JRP is still hard at it. Trying to rip people off with lies and worst of all, by getting children's hopes up.


Well excuse me, but the comment under this one is a lie.We do NOT get paid to do this!

We do it so that if parents want a nice acting experience, they get it! Gosh people! You guys need to stop this negative *** about JRP! You know what I think?

You people are getting paid by another competitive acting company to make people believe they are a scam! Well let me tell you something! You people are horrible! You guys are probably a scam!

And yes, if you notice the date, I check this page almost every day to check and see if there are any ***-bums going through this page!

John Robert Powers is awesome!:) :grin ;) 8) :) :grin 8)

to RosieB #1244019

Is jrp Seattle talent. Just wondering if this is for real. Just signed up my son and having doubts cause of everything I'm reading


Hello.I went to the JRP in roseville.

As a teenager, I could even tell it was a ripoff. They tell you all this *** that isnt true just to get you to pay them. The worst part is, there 1,000 dollar acting classes are HORRIBLE. They taught me NOTHING.

I learned more in my high school beginners drama class. The teachers don't know anything! All of these good reports are from people who work for the company that get paid to right these reports. Any parent thinking about or currently with jrp: ITS A COMPLETE AND TOTAL SCAM.

No one has gotten famous from them and they literally pay actors to say they did. They tell everyone they have talent and can be something so they will all pay. DONT WASTE TIME AND MONEY ON THIS.

please.Im telling you this because I don't want you to go through what i did.


OMG!This is a good day!

Almost no rude comments about JRP! I thought it would never end! Yeesh! :grin 8)!!!

All you people who are going to do this, read these comments! Because if you don't you are going to ruin a great opportunity for your child! Alright. First thing you have to know is that JRP is worth it, so that is why it is expensive.

It's not unlike anything else in acting. You have to pay in almost anything you do these days! So why get mad over it with JRP!

I know I have left a lot of comments, but they are to help you get a feel of what people are not thinking straight. Please read our comments.

They will help you in your experience with this place. It is amazing!

Thanks for listening!:grin :)

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