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I am counting my blessings that I was smart enough to walk away from John Robert Powers in Westbury NY.I took my daughter there for an "audition" and "interview".

They gave me a call back time for the following day. I called and they were very interested and "accepting" her...with that, they wanted me to go back later that day with a check as they felt she needed a few classes. which was three thousand. With much thought, I called and told them it was too fast of a decision to make over night and after the holiday's were over we would consider it. the tables turned! Their tone changed and spoke to me very rudely....Wouldn't you know I just caused my daughter to lose her spot and she might not be "accepted" back hmmmmm? they were just after that check, after all, if they wanted her that badly a month wouldn't of made a difference, but not running with check in hand did. Please Parents, don't fall into their trap, it is a scam, your child will be disappointed and you will be out a few thousand.

All you need for your child is a good, reputable agency, your child does not need acting or modeling classes, and don't accept anyone asking for money.Good Luck to all of you!

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This is for sure a scam all they want is money money money!i went for an audition yesterday and i thought oh yeah this will be fun and lucky me today my mom got a call saying that i made it and they really really need someone like me.But, they told my mom that we HAD to pay today or else it wount work and they kept telling her that they really needed me.Smart of my mom she searched it up and we found all these! and we decided not to go.Now im more and more happy about my decision


My bad on part of the typing. my brain and fingers obviously were not communicating totally. But you get the point.


Let me put it this way, nobody is a born actor.Yes they have the tallent, but it's the application of that tallent that needs to be learned.

And without those skills in place, your tallent may just do you no good. Basically, JRP just gives you the info, tools, basic training and initial connections to get your child into the business. And they don't promise you anything up front other than that. So i don't what some of these people's problems are.

They all sound like they expected to get into a show or movie right away or something.And when they didn't, they came here to whine.

Adapazari, Sakarya, Turkey #219986

you sound like an employee of JRP's , with that, you also sound very immature.FYI...legit agencies do not REQUIRE a CHILD to have formal acting/modeling classes.

My daughter has 2 appointments in the city with well known, reputable agencies. funny...neither one of them has ever been to a JRP's school to "scout kids". Amazing how the agents are all flown in from all over the country to JRP's when we have the best city right at our finger tips.....

Want me to fill you in a wee bit more?I actually met someone that was once employed at JRP's, what a very small world we live in....I think you can fill in the blanks....oh, silly me, have a wonderful holiday!


Wow.Someone should have told Robin Williams before he went to Julliard.

Or Meryl Streep before she spent so much money to get her Master's at Harvard.

There is a big comic school called Groundlings in LA too, that Adam Sandler, Will Ferrel, Jack Black, Kathy Griffin all went too.If they only knew you didnt need classes!!

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