I need to no aout the JRP in cincinnati ohio my lil girl went there yesterday and they loved her, but I dont wanna be TAKEN for my money? Everybody tells us she should be on tv or modeling but I have never found anything that I thought was worth the money, its so hard to tell whats real or fake.

Does anybody no anywhere in Cincinnati, Ohio thats real and not to much? At the JRP office it seemed real there was a lot of people there my lil girl was so excited, I hope its TRUE for her

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Of course she's cute but so are thousands of other young girls. They are catering to your vanity, that's not a good reason for signing up.

You are doing the right thing, be VERY careful, the industry is rife with frauds.


I would strongly advise that you get your daughter with someone like Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park they offer acting classes and she would likely get a paid part in one of their plays. They are reasonably priced and she would get experience.

After that get her a talent agent and if she has what it takes they will get her work. A real Talent agent does not charge upfront fees, they are paid a percentage of what your daughter makes.


Do not live in fear. You sought it out, now you are questioning them?

If you are so skeptical, then let them continue to help others that want to succed and try something else.

Do you pay for "volleyball" or any other activity or dream? How can you be "taken" as you said?

Be positive and the world will unravel at your very feet. Good luck to you and your daughter.


I personally know students who attend John Robert Powers and many of them describe the wonders about the program. But I must note, students need to dedicate time and effort if they want to succeed. John Robert Powers teaches you about the industry and how to set yourself apart and be noticed by talent agents.

Think of it this way, if you think your daughter will enjoy herself by learning and having fun at the same time, why not try the class out.

John Robert Powers is one of the largest and oldest schools out there, so you have a safe bet. But remember to tell your daughter to be dedicated and confident in her talents.


It is important to note that John Robert Powers is a school system. They have been in business for over 80 years and they have helped countless students earn and maintain a competitive edge in entering the entertainment industry.

They help aspiring actors, singers, dancers, and models learn about the entertainment business. Most importantly, they will help your daugther develop her confidence in herself!

As with any career, training and marketing are an up-front investment of time and money. The best way is to meet with the admissions director or associate at the JRP school you are attending to see if it will be a right fit for your daughter. Ask them about the classes they offer, especially the "Life Program." I believe this would be a good start.

I hope this information will help you make your decision.

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