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I do not know what is wrong with you people thinking that you have been scammed.JRP has never promised anyone anything other than they would help train you or your child in preparation for the modeling and acting business.

I really Like JRP and would recommend it to anyone but you have to be willing to work hard to succeed. Just like any career you have to go to school and learn before you can go out and work. I think you should go back and read your contracts because nothing is easy. My child has been with JRP for about 7 weeks and has already had 3 agent interviews, so I do not understand why anyone would say thay it does not happen.

Good luck if you think you can make it without the middle man.

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JRp is basically a training school for actors, models, singers, where's alot of agents come too ( because they trust jrp atudents to be one of the best) and pick a student to be on their list.( you have to sign a contract first) Agents list means if there's any film or show or event and they need a cast or people to be in it ,that's where they look into their list and check which one will fit the position.My daughter had 1 year of training, went to ipop, had 6 agents call back besides the call back from weekends auditon held at dt macys.

We even flew to LA and meet the agenct and it was all fun and great experience for my daughter. Just ask yourself how serious are you to do this career because there will be alot of sacrifices school, family. Money and moving. Most of the agents will ask you to fly down in LA.

For us since my daughter is still young, we wanna take our time to decide on moving down in LA but it was nice to know that there alot of agents interest.

Also check the profile of each agent / agency you hear or are interested to see if they are really legit or how many of their talents are working right now.

Jrp will also tell you if an agent ask for money upfront , then it's not real.Goodluck everyone!


I got an audition for JRP this saturday...and some people are sayin its a scam but I dont believe them. I mean hey I know we have to pay money but just dell with it. If you want to makke your life more better than what it is now you should do it just like I am this saturday...I just hope I make it :) :grin :zzz :)


I'm not saying it's a scam.Me and my brother went from 2008 to 2010 at the Seattle jrp.

I met with several agents a cattle call aditions went to several classes. Had a photoshoot and got accepted into ipop but you pay for everything!

My parents put a good $30 thousand into it before we stopped.I've never met anyone at jrp that has gotten a call back but it is a really good school and you will learn a lot it's just very expensive


I just recently got called by a agent in SEATTLE, WA.They called me to macy's on the 7th floor.

Seems pretty real. Im not sure if its a scam though, seeing all the things im hearing about it. They said they would call and tell me my answer by tommorow if i made it or not.

so idk what to do.Anybody know for sure if its a scam or not?

to JRP Edmonds, Washington, United States #1266718

How do I call them? The number is not working


I have an Audition this saturday and I was pretty excited but now I'm not so sure I mean from what I've seen I can't tell if it's a scam or not, even if it isn't I don't know how I'll pay for it because my mom doesn't even have a job. HELP!


I dont know if its jrp's in general are good or bad, they seem to be a lot different, most of the complaints seem to be about the same couple of cities, but the people who are bashing them seem kind of retarded. They act like they know so much, but they arent actors or models, so how would they know? Just a bunch of no class haters seems to me.


I'm just about to have an adition and my mom thinks it's a scam but I don't it's real and I know it :roll :zzz


JRP is a great program, though not many make the cut.There is a little over 160 students in the school currently.

It is not a scam you pay money and you get out money.JRP is a business, they arent going to give you classes with professionals for free.


I myself am not signed with JRP, but I have friends who are, and are really loving it there!

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