Our daughter attends JRP classes in Omaha, NE. She's 12, and 5 feet 5 inches. Well, she just finished. Next, she was auditioned and was selected for IPOP 2010 in Las Vegas, NV (we found out yesterday). We paid $1,950 for JRP Classes, $600 for a Photo Shoot and now need to come up with a minimum of $5,800 for her to attend IPOP. This doesn't even cover the clothing, Spa treatments, etc.

No, I'm not complaining. Our daughter has never expressed such a strong interest in something before. I mean she took the initiative to respond to the radio ad, put herself through the pain of waxing and gave up basically every weekend for the last 2 months just for this. As my husband says, it's a lot of money, but even if she walks away with nothing in the form of contracts or work, he thinks it's worth it. Because he feels it's a good experience for her to go through. She's had fun, made friends, she's more confident and will be able to use this as a positive experience throughout her life.

If you have problems with money fundraise, you'll only get what you put into it, so it might be a lot of work, ask family members to help if they want. (I'm disabled and still am getting out there and doing it despite my illness) Yeah, I could've put the money towards our new baby due in 4 months, made renovations to my house, paid bills, etc. But when your kid is serious and interested, you make the sacrifice for them, just as if you'd do if you had to choose between their life and yours. It's them first, no matter the cost. Find a way, it's out there.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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I can't believe how much money they ask for up front. I can see they need to get paid too, but it's just too much money they're asking for. :cry



My daughter was 14 at the time(16 now); she found the site on line and was sooo excited. My husband and I took a chance.

She was excepted right away, she's 5'10", runway thin and beautiful, so based on what we knew and some things we suspected, we went for what they said. They repeatedly called us for iPOP and when they asked for MORE money, we drew the line. Knowing that if a company or agent wants your child, it won't cost anything kept looming in my mind but I figured some training couldn't hurt, so a few thousand later, it was over. She returned and auditioned several times though nothing came of it.

They give you a year to audition at will once training is over, though they don't really have a division for models.

We've moved on to other avenues and called this one a loss... Hope this helps.


We just got home a little while ago from Justin's first commercial shoot. You would have been so proud of him.

He worked really hard, over 16 hours the last two days. It is suppose to air at the end of August. It is for Nissan. He does not speak at all, it is all action.

I can't believe this is happening.

I can't thank... Heather and Connie enough for all that you have done for Justin!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #157113

I agree.. everyone should think about their child.

Think about the "fantasy" you are paying for and how they will feel when reality hits.

No one is "selected" for any of this based on their talent or their potential .. no one in the entire organization is qualified to even know. Write a check and you are in.

This is just so simple and so sad and that is why I am.. SOS


did you just found out May on May 17 that your child is attending Vegas thats kind a late coz in California they had been preparing the kids since March once a week for 2 hours we dont need to pay them as long as your going to Vegas Convention we dont need to pay $1950 for the classes its included on the $3900 performers fee of course the parents and additional tickect is extra in which first parent pays $1900 then any additional is $1500


My daughter started all of this for my 5yrs old son he will be singing and modeling JRP want him to act but he enjoys to sing so i change it to singing after all he will be doing it not me or JRP let your kid do what they enjoy to do and not what they think he needs to do


see you in Las Vegas my whole family will be in the convention total of 6 but 1 advise if you're going there thinking you will get something dont go there have fun win or loose you will come home happy for having a great experience we all know its very expensive dont try to change your kid if she's good theres no need change anything :grin :p


so let me get this straight. You are willing to spend $9,000 on a hope that your daughter will have good experiences and make friends.

Isnt this the type of thing she could do for free at school or church. I'm sure there are community programs she could volunteer for or girl scouts, something. Fundraise? You got a baby on the way, think about that child too before you gamble it all on the other one.

There is Karate and Jiu Jitsu if youre looking for confidense and self esteem, dont need to wax or shop too much for these. But lets cut the non-sense; you dont have a daughter or a baby on the way, do you? You are one of these JRP repps looking to put a smarty cheery mommy support story up for your cause. You guys dont fool anyone, stop making up these rediculous stories about sacrificing families, no one is buying them.

please, disabled pregnant mommy out trying to fundraise and its her husband whom is willing to spend the money, even if nothing comes out of it "in the form of contract or work". Very creative, but a bit too scripted, make a movie out of it and hire the daughter.


She 12 years old for God's sake. We wonder why all these pedophiles pop up and all they have to see is us dressing up our children like like hootchie mammas. Let you kid be a kid instead of living the life you wished you had.

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