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Living in Alabama with a passionate "want to be actress" is difficult. We learned of John Robert Powers while at a mall.

Yes, I will admit I was Suckered into a $!0,000, yes ten-thousand dollar Lifetime contract. The company Promised to promote our daughter and allow her to attend classes throughout her life. BS......... Found out by chance theyclosed the Birmingham office.

I've e'mailed and called over and over without response. Next step;

Contract in hand, I'm going to C-O-U-R-T!

I will not let this go. JRP look out 'cause here I come.

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You might be out of luck. All of the JRP offices are independent of each other, that is why you can tell from reading all of these complaints and posts that some offices are run pretty terribly, while some seem to be okay. You should contact the corporate office about this.

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