I am so mad! They (jrp and his assistant scam artists) tell you your going to an audition.

So, you go there and sit down and wait. jrp starts to talk about *** and then a super corny lady comes up and tells everybody that shes a talent scout and she only picks ppl from johns special talent skool.so, we look in this magazine thing and it says tht only five weeks of "lessons" costs 5 grand. thts right! 5 smackaroonies!

so it wasnt an audition for nickelodean, disney channal, or commericails! he just wanted you to pay all of ur money to go to his useless skool. So, no audition, just a scam tht will break kids hearts and crush all of their hopes and dreams by a bunch of ***, cruel scam artists. oh, and u better tell all of your friends and famiy about this huge scam!

dont pay all of ur college money on a useless skool because it wont help anything at all. trust me.

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