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Upon a review of the company and traveling more than an hour to meet with representatives, my daughter we really interested and it appeared to be a good idea, at the time. However, within 2 weeks of signing my daughter was injured and could not attend due to physical therapy and added doctor visits and expenses.

I contacted the office, spoke with the receptionist and left a detailed message with my phone number and a call back request. After a few days I called again, finally talked with a different representative and explained the situation. I stated it would be impossible to begin at this time and since my daughter had not attended any event, I asked for a refund. At that time I was told to leave a message and someone would get back to me. Refunds were handled differently so I did as instructed. I was then given the name and told it would take a few days.

I waited and after a week with no response, I called back, again was directed to leave a message and someone would get back to me. I mentioned contacting the BBB and within a day I had a response from the representative that signed my daughter. But she didn't address any of the concerns I had spoken to her about. She asked about paying additional funds because of the package originally designed for my daughter. Stunned I again told her what had happened and that I had requested several call backs and had not heard from anyone and that I had requested a refund, and still had not heard anything.

It is now more than 5 months since this ordeal began and I have been advised that there will be no refund because a request was not put in writing. Had I been told to put it in writing, you can bet I would have. I could understand not refunding if my daughter had actually attended meetings, trainings, etc., but she didn't even get to attend the first anything. So basically, they didn't have to use any funds for my daughter's training and they are keeping $1,000.00! This is unacceptable and I hope no one else has to go through this. I have decided to continue this pursuit via mediation and/or lawsuit, if necessary.

I would advise anyone to stay clear of their services. I think there are better ways of doing business and I have no faith in their statements and after this I would not want her learning tricks of the trade from them.

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I wish I had not even gone to the meeting. Of course I believe my daughter is beautiful and talented - however I think they say the same thing to everyone that comes through their doors.

They ask for names and phone numbers of others you think might be interested in their services. And at $1000 or more per sign up it's a pretty good business I'm sure. The staff seemed very nice in the beginning during the "audition" phase, then once I signed a contract and gave them money...there was no contact except to ask for more money. They didn't seem to care that an accident had occurred and that my daughter could not participate and that I had called and left several messages.

But I can assure you that when I contacted the Better Business Bureau, they had a response and made it sound like it was all my fault that I couldn't get a refund. They may offer great services and when you read about them you find all this information on past superstars that they have signed, but I'm not sure how much they really had anything do with that.

I think it's a risk and if you have the extra time and money then maybe it's not such a bad deal. But I would definitely beware of certain promises and double check everything that is said.


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