I'm shocked by these JRP stories!I was looking for a good acting class for kids and teens and luckily, my friend told me about a REAL acting class in Agoura that was much more reasonably priced and with teachers who have movie and T.V.

experience. It's new in town and it's called Tube Star Studio www.tubestarstudio.com. They offer on-camera classes like auditioning, commercial and tv and film acting.

They even have a night dedicated to revealing industry secrets.I am extremely happy with the price and thrilled that my daughter will be working with them.

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please read the following

the best way to a career in this business is to seriously hone your craft by learning the essential skills needed.you have to have drive and self discipline.

Things like local drama classes,acting classes,theater workshops and more are all available and wont cost you an arm and a leg but if your paying a huge fee, be sure to check credentials,see if the person teaching you has ever worked with any successful actors or actresses.

So in the case of JRP, its teachers are mainly low skilled,money hungry people who are also low paid as well.this is why i dont understand how they justify the insane fees theyre asking for?

you definitely DO NOT have to pay $1700 or more dollars to someone upfront in a high pressure tactic to "teach you" the required skills to be successful,you can learn all of these things at your leisure at a way lower cost.of course the more serious you are the better it will be for your career.

so research anyone you plan on learning from,see their success rate,talk to anyone who has gained success due to the teachings of these people.you only gain knowledge from a person that actually has the proper knowledge to teach you.


seriously,saying that maybe you don't have talent and that's why jrp didn't work for you?

isn't that the WHOLE PURPOSE OF JRP?

from the 300 or 400 reviews and responses Ive read about JRP,98% of them say they're snake oil salesmen and conveniently tell you and your child EXACTLY what they want to here so the allure of easy money and a Hollywood lifestyle suck the foolish and gullible in like the promise of a successful career,unfortunately ,this is one thing they CANT PROMISE OR DELIVER....


i am seriously confused about jrp. ive been reading all ur comments cuz i went to jrp's "audition" thingie yesterday and said they liked me a lot and said i "100% cute" they want me to take acting classes but didn't entirly turn me down and say i'm "not ready yet" either. so im totally confused


LA Producer is just copy/pasting the same thing over and over. Again, JRP is very LEGIT and are not blacklisted by anyone.


JRP IS NOT A SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JRP is the best!!!!!!!it is a wonderful place to start.

the classes are so expensive because they hire top of the line acting teachers that have been in the biz for a longgg time!I go to JRP and ive auditioned for Disney Channel and i got 4 agents and many many more


To: LA Producer on 25-02-2010 22:08,

First I want to tell you thank you for your posting.I fell across this site while doing some research on my own on "Jrp".

I currently live in AZ and like so many other moms I would like to have a safe agency for my children.If you have any additional advice or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


They ARE in fact hard-sell marketers for their ridiculously overpriced school. We were told to adhere to a certain script and practice the same redundant, yet consistent responses on other salespeople to deflect any chances of veering from the intended result: to SELL OVERPRICED AND WORTHLESS CLASSES to the unknown inexperienced masses. Legitimate casting directors in Minneapolis (and there are only 4 major players left in that town today, they're all friends of mine) refuse to work with JRP directly and actually encourage the talent to audition directly with them; in fact these CD's actually discourage any newbies in their casting workshops to avoid these snake oil salesmen and instead save their money for several months of rent, food, incidentals, etc if they plan an exodus to LA and really dig in and suffer dryspells if they ever plan to make it in real showbiz.

When I moved to Los Angeles in the early century, I was surprised to learn that JRP was blacklisted by most studios and smaller independents and production companies simply because some people who elevated their careers beyond those days [when just about everyone in the biz at one time had the same dreams of starting out as actors and models]....and now were in positions of authority in the biz....were still burned by the cash strapped experiences of JRP exploiting the "allure, yet carefully worded seduction that's just this side of legal" promising any sucker a career path. They can afford to quote...

Are you phreakin kidding us with this intelligence-insulting television promotion? All you've done is leverage what little credentials you have with "names of people you discovered"???. We all roll our eyes when we see that so-called "Casting Director's" name...someone who's career is on the *** of being run out of Los Angeles anyway, and they're on a desperate flee for their own legitimacy by affiliating their names to JRP in small towns that have no clue who they are, or how many relationships they've burned. Oh...and did I forget to mention the "this weekend only, with only SO FEW selected!!" ad campaign?? They hop from town to town, from cheap Priceline hotel to another like carpetbaggers living out of a suitcase wearing off-the-rack TJ Maxx suits. After the auditorium-filled "selection process" of hormone-driven girls are drawn though a sweaty, exhaustive Saturday afternoon with a panel of "judges" made up of D-list who-are-they? local talent scouts, they are then weakened with all the anticipation and excitement of a prom-school Court nominee that "She has so much promise, but She must first enroll in our Guidance and Instructional Courses, and that YOU [insert name here] as a TRULY supportive parent, you simply MUST take action now!! Right here, right now!! Any credit card number will do, or we can offer an interest-raping payment plan....have you considered taking out a second mortgage?"

The actual John Powers estate has been out of the business for almost 4 decades {mistype on my previous entry} and sold his banner name and over half of his shares to a former model whose hair is painfully overbleached, her frequent Caribbean vacations have badly weathered her aging spotted skin; and a lifetime of diet pills, cigarettes and starvation fad diets have destroyed her appearance beyond her years that no plastique can save. I believe they are now based out of her St. Louis MO headquarters. If she were wise, she would've deserted this business long ago instead of holding on to her former glories like Nina Van Horn (Just Shoot Me) and selling dreams to hopeful children and their financially exhausted naiive parents.

Unfortunately, if you must reach out to touch that deceptively beautiful bee on that lovely flower that produces such sweet, delicious honey......you must be bitten in the process of Learning in order to finally be rewarded.

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I actually have done a lot of research about JRP...I wonder why they don't have a Better Business Bureau Accreditation?

Also, I wonder why they can only put others down in their efforts to show the positives of their organization.

I also just participated in a casting call that JRP knew nothing about...

and it was for a large film which is being produced in the Twin Cities...JRP is not worthy of your time and money.


i am not a pro, but learning as a jrp student is not only a great experience, but it is also friendly.you are taught.

you are trained.you make your own future people!!


Heather and Connie..THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING!!! i couldnt have done anything with out you guys!!

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