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hi im 13 but i did the jhon robert powers audition i didnt win but they very rude an not classy but im not saying this cuz i didnt win but because its a SCHOOL my mom wasnt even gonna take me because when u cal it says (hi welcome to jhon robert powers blah blah blah school) my mom was like ok but i lived in hammond indiana we drove 4 hours an got up at 6 for no reason but u can try it ur self but its a scam dnt wast ur time but over all i found a better company but im not tellin!!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #691029

WTF is she saying? It's funny that the most poorly educated and spelling impaired people are the ones with complaints that have nothing to do with the program that they can't afford but the fact that it costs money.


i went to jrp and i went to la because i got picked since now im going to be an actress not from jrp becaus they stole our mony but it was worth that because im an actress now!! :) :grin :) :) :) :) :)


im currently in the special acceptance program.. i didi the orientation the other day, and it doesnt seem very professional..


Ok so you are saying that you auditioned and were not accepted. How is that a scam?

It just goes to show and prove that they do not take just anyone.

It sucks that you didn't get picked but that does not make JRP a scam and it does not give you the right to spread gossip and rumors about a company just because you didn't get accepted.

I went through JRP and LOVED it. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

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